Meet Shefali

Shefali lives in a rural village in South Asia. She is pregnant with her first child, but doesn’t have access to basic items that can help her care for herself and her new baby during its first year of life. She also doesn’t know about simple, life-saving practices that she can perform at home to keep herself and her baby healthy.

Sadly, she can’t afford to change her situation.

Shefali is not alone.

80% of infant and maternal deaths are completely preventable through appropriate education and care.

  • Barakat Bundle, our parent organization, works with local communities to create life-saving care and education bundles for mothers and newborns in need.

    Barakat means blessing.
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Every purchase of a Giving Cradle provides a Barakat Bundle to a family in need in South Asia.

Each Barakat Bundle includes:

Giving Cradle

Safe-sleep certified rocking cradle with a built in mosquito net

Medical and Care Items

Includes sterile blade + umbilical cord clamp, cord cleanser, thermometer, hand soap, blankets + baby clothes, and more

Giving Calendar

Health education calendar with information on breastfeeding, clean delivery practices, skin-to-skin care, danger signs for mother and baby, and more

A different ending to the story

Help Shefali and thousands of families like hers give their newborns a healthy and thriving first year of life.