The Giving Cradle is made of sustainable bamboo that helps the environment

Bamboo is the safer, stronger, and more sustainable option for your newborn’s cradle.

Safer with Bamboo: Bamboo can grow without fertilizers or pesticides, is resistant to moisture, and it has naturally antimicrobial properties. This means an organic cradle for your newborn.

Stronger with Bamboo: Did you know that bamboo has a tensile strength of 28,000 per square inch compared to 23,000 for steel? Bamboo furniture is stronger and more durable than traditional materials but it is also lighter. This means a sturdy yet portable cradle for your newborn.

Sustainable with Bamboo: Bamboo is a fast growing renewable material that doesn’t require pesticides or chemicals, prevents erosion, requires little irrigation, and produces 35% more oxygen than equivalent trees. This means an environmentally friendly cradle for your newborn and the world they grow up in.

Choosing bamboo is making a sustainable choice for your newborn’s future.

  • By making sustainable economic and environmental choices, we help create a healthier and more productive future for all.

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